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Does the biostimulant MOKA improve the quality of yields under severe weather conditions?

Tomatoes, apricots, grapes… so many specialty crops are frequently grown in regions that are subject to major climatic hazards including drought. In order to overcome these unfavorable conditions that impact yields, Agrauxine has developed the biostimulant Moka: a solution to enhance the fructification of plants and thus increase the final yield.


Moka is a unique biostimulant originating from yeast extract, designed to enhance the fructification steps of specialty crops.

When applied to key yield development periods, it helps the fruit of a wide variety of crops ranging from vines to red fruits, nightshades and cucurbits, as well as seeded fruits and stone fruits to develop and grow correctly. So much produce is grown predominantly in regions subject to climatic hazards which impact yields.

So how has Moka proven its effectiveness even under severe conditions? Let’s head to Spain, where our partner Certis Belchim has been supplying Moka to Spanish distributors for 3 years.


The promise of more colorful fruits thanks to Moka

Fruit color is one of the main quality criteria when assessing a crop. To prove the effectiveness of Moka in this regard, Certis Belchim conducted a series of tests on different crops.

Of these tests, the most compelling was conducted on Gala apples. Firstly, Certis Belchim split its test crops into 3 groups:

  • A control group
  • A group that received one application of Moka
  • And a group that received two applications of Moka

  • In the control group, only 45% of fruit achieved a color percentage greater than 80%.
  • In the group that received one application of Moka, 69% of fruit reached this threshold.
  • But in the group that benefited from two applications of Moka, no less than 83% of fruit achieved a surface color greater than 80%!


By performing the same type of tests on cherries, the results showed that, besides having a more intense and uniform color, Moka also made it possible to accelerate the ripening of the fruit and therefore of the crop.

Conclusive results which prove that Moka improves the color and uniformity of fruit at harvest.


Larger, heavier and more developed fruit

For producers and consumers, the benefits of Moka are not limited to improving the quality criteria of fruit. In fact, this biostimulant also enhanced the final yield of the crop!

For example, the results following the application of Moka have proven that it could increase the weight of grapes by 8% on average and increase apple size by 15% on average.

Weight criteria which, when linked to uniform and faster ripening resulting in fewer crop losses, make it possible to significantly increase the profitability of yields.


Would you also like to test Moka on your crops or discover our other biostimulation solutions? Contact us right away!