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Smartfoil on field crops: Argentine producers increase their yields

Marketed for almost 10 years in Argentina, Smartfoil today presents convincing results in different environments, to fight against multiple climatic hazards and thus secure yield levels in field crops. Distributor of this biostimulant, the company ALZ Agro discusses its experience and the benefits obtained.


Pioneer in the biostimulants market in Argentina, ALZ Agro has been able to reference and build a complete range of innovative solutions dedicated to yield boost.

Among these solutions, the biostimulant Smartfoil. Used throughout the country for nearly 10 years, Smartfoil is now applied to a wide range of field crops such as soybeans, corn, cereals, cotton, and sunflowers. It has been able to demonstrate its full effectiveness in mitigating abiotic stresses in very different climatic conditions, extending from the northwest of the country with arid and tropical conditions, to the south of the province of Buenos Aires with temperate climate.

Eduardo PIPPER, commercial director at ALZ Agro, closely followed all the demonstration trials carried out by the technical and commercial team, to highlight the full potential of Smartfoil on field crops. Thus, by applying the biostimulant at reproductive stages, the trials have demonstrated all the positive impact of Smartfoil on the yield. These stages are indeed key in the development of yield and are also those where plants are most vulnerable to climatic hazards. In comparison with the control plots, crops applied with Smartfoil saw their yields increase on average by + 250 kg / ha in soybeans, + 750 kg / ha in corn, + 400 kg / ha in sunflower, + 250 kg / ha in wheat.


From 250 to 750 kg of additional yield per hectare in wheat, soybeans and corn

To achieve such results, the Argentine distributor developed a strategy carrying out trials directly in the field.

Technicians and sales initiate these trials providing their technical knowledge; tests are performed directly by growers in their fields. By listening to their experience and their feedback on the action of the product, ALZ Agro is able to promote the effectiveness of the product, and to share through its network of nearly 200 distributors Smartfoil’s interest in securing farmers’ returns. Even more, for ALZ Agro, it is also the ability to build a range of solutions adapted to their needs and yield issues.

For example, ALZ is developing new positions with Smartfoil, by combining it with other fertilization solutions to boost the final yield on crops such as Cereals or Corn, or to limit phytotoxicity effects due to herbicides’ applications.


“Agrauxine is a very serious partner for us, which has very high quality products”

For Eduardo, Smartfoil owns all the advantages that a biostimulation product should have. Economic, the investment cost of this biostimulant represents only 10% of the additional turnover brought on crops like wheat or soybean. It is also easy to use, since it can be directly diluted into water and is compatible with all types of products (pesticides, organic). Above all, it is a proven, reliable product for farmers looking for performance. “A technology with less environmental impact, for more efficiency. The farmer trusts Smartfoil!” summarizes the sales manager.

In addition, the relationship of trust between distributor and suppliers is fundamental for ALZ Agro: “Agrauxine is for us a very serious partner, in whom we trust, and who has very high-quality products“.

Eduardo is looking for completing its biosolution portfolio developed by ALZ. Indeed, the distrbutor has clearly defined its development strategy around these solutions to meet the challenge of “replacing synthetic fertilization products with products with a lower environmental impact but more effective, to continue to guarantee a good level of performance”. The challenge is now to extend their range to other products to position themselves in different market segments, and thus convince new generations of the relevance of these solutions.


Distributors, build your strategy around biostimulants solutions to meet the expectations of your customers, and solve these major challenges. Contact us to be supported in the construction of your portfolio and find out more information about our Smartfoil solution.