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Agrauxine’s game-changing Yeast Efficiency: a range of yeast-based biostimulants!

Unveiled at the end of November at the Biostimulants World Congress 2023 in Milan, Yeast Efficiency is rethinking the rules of biostimulation with a range of yeast-based solutions. Innovative, sustainable and high-performance products designed by Agrauxine, which have won over distributors, producers, scientists and stakeholders in the world of agriculture seeking cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions.


The biostimulant market has long focused on substances such as seaweed, protein hydrolyzates and even humic acids. It therefore offered a limited number of active substances to producers and distributors seeking sustainable products that are easy to use and capable of producing real results in terms of yield. Thanks to its Yeast Efficiency range, Agrauxine by Lesaffre is breaking new ground by proposing biostimulants developed from yeast.

Thanks to the yeast expertise and technical know-how of the Lesaffre group, Agrauxine has designed a range of solutions suited to numerous crops and their development problems. All originating from yeast, these products can therefore be manufactured from a single strain of this microorganism. In fact, depending on the way in which it is exploited, the yeast cell can divide into very different shapes with unique features and advantages.

This range of biostimulants include the following solutions:

  • Smartfoil and Biosmart, manufactured from metabolites produced during yeast fermentation
  • Moka, manufactured from yeast extract
  • And Pushy+, manufactured from autolyzates and metabolites of yeast fermentation

In short: a single strain but a plurality of solutions!


Yeast Efficiency: the quickest route to high-performance and sustainability

Besides the innovation formed by its unique yeast-based formulation, Agrauxine’s Yeast Efficiency range also holds real promise.

For users, whether cereal growers, wine producers, fruit growers or even market gardeners, Agrauxine biostimulants are reliable, sustainable products that are simple to use in conventional and organic farming.

But the real benefit of these solutions lies in their profitability. Hundreds of tests and applications worldwide, under very different climatic and soil conditions, have proven the positive impact of these biostimulants on yields.

  • The Smartfoil solution increases the yield of rapeseed by 6% on average.
  • Moka increases the average weight of grapes by 8%.
  • Pushy+ increases the number of courgettes by 12%.
  • Biosmart reduces the abortion of fruit tree flowers and grapevine flowers by 11% on average.

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At the Biostimulants World Congress, the yeast-based Yeast Efficiency solutions of Agrauxine by Lesaffre were widely presented to agricultural stakeholders.


Yeast: a disruptive innovation on the biostimulant market

For Agrauxine, the launch of the Yeast Efficiency range is therefore a way to reaffirm the uniqueness of its range of biostimulants and its expertise in yeast.

Expertise also recognized by leaders in the agricultural community of tomorrow, who attended this edition of the Biostimulants World Congress. “The biostimulants market has been rapidly expanding for several years. It features well-known substances such as seaweed or even animal or plant protein hydrolyzates. Microorganisms and their derivatives, such as yeast-based products, clearly represent a new approach due to their mode of action, and are therefore turning this market upside down.” state some visitors. They confirm their interest in these differentiating technologies, which provide a real added value to distributors and farmers all over the world.

To share this experience and the effectiveness of these solutions, Agrauxine was accompanied by its partner Certis Belchim, a distributor in Spain.

It is no coincidence that Agrauxine by Lesaffre chose this international event to unveil its new concept. In fact, it is a global ambition to roll out these solutions within the next few months with a strengthened marketing strategy in Europe and America, but also to expand into new markets in China and India.


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