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Privacy statement


Please use our website. Like you, we believe that personal integrity is important and take your privacy seriously. This privacy statement applies to any individuals sharing their personal data directly or indirectly with Agrauxine when visiting this website. Agrauxine S.A. is a company established in France and, as such, we comply with French legislation concerning personal data protection, which applies European Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. Our registered office is located at 7 avenue du Grand Périgné – 49070 Beaucouzé, France. Please let us know of any questions or concerns you may have with regard to data protection, using the address: contact-agx@agrauxine.lesaffre.com. In this privacy statement, we explain what types of personal data are likely to be processed and for what purpose. We also explain your options with regard to how we process your data and where to find out more about the ways in which we process it and your rights.  


1. Scope of the privacy statement


  Please note that this privacy statement concerns the processing of personal data for which Agrauxine S.A. is the Data Controller, i.e. in instances where Agrauxine S.A. has decided upon the purposes and means of processing. To avoid any ambiguity, this privacy statement does not concern any processing of personal data that Agrauxine S.A. may perform as a subcontractor arising from your use of our services. For further information regarding the way in which our services may be used to facilitate your processing of personal data and regarding the responsibilities and undertakings of Agrauxine S.A. in relation therewith, please refer to the applicable conditions.  


2. Processed personal data


  Personal data are data that identify you as an individual. We may process the following types of personal data relating to you: your contact details including your first name, last name, company, email address and telephone number – notably using the contact form on the website www.biostimulants-agriculture.com, and user information, e.g. if you connect to our website. This information may include your IP address, peripheral device type and browser, time zone, geographic location and other information that we receive through contact with you.  


3. Purposes of processing


  We process your personal data for the following purposes: providing services in accordance with the applicable conditions; managing the business relationship between you and Agrauxine S.A.; developing and improving our services.  


4. Sharing with third parties and transfer to third countries


  We may share personal data with third parties for the purposes set out above. For the purposes of clarity, we will only share personal data with third parties with a view to such third parties using personal data for the purposes of direct marketing to you as a current or potential Agrauxine S.A. customer representative and not to you as an individual. . We may transfer personal data to countries outside the EEA, but must first gain your consent or ensure that the transfer is legal and secure by taking other measures. As explained above, please be aware that this privacy statement does not cover any data processing for which you may be responsible after using our services. You, or the party you represent, remain responsible for your processing of personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation.  


5. Your rights


  We are obliged to process specific, relevant and necessary personal information in line with our legitimate ends. You are entitled to monitor us. To update any of your personal data that we process, please contact us at the following address: contact-agx@agrauxine.lesaffre.com. If you wish to receive a free extract of your personal data that we process, please send a signed letter to Agrauxine S.A., for the attention of Fabien Achard, 7 avenue du Grand Périgné, 49070 Beaucouzé, France.